X-ray Intervalometer

PAI offers a continuous-beam x-ray system for detecting and measuring the velocity of a projectile in the most adverse environments. Operating in the x-ray frequencies they are sensitive only to relatively massive objects (i.e. projectile and sabot) and ignore such things as shockwaves, flame fronts, and fine particles that may accompany a projectile.  In addition to visible obstructions, the constant beam x-ray system is unaffected by the pulsed magnetic fields that are associated with electromagnetic launchers, making it one of the few projectile detection systems suitable for working near the muzzles of such launchers.

The system consists of a x-ray source that emits a continuous x-ray beam across the trajectory into a detector assembly mounted opposite the source.  The interruption of the beam by the passage of a projectile causes the detector to produce and output signal.

The system is available as a single-station trigger generator or a two-station intervalometer.

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